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The Tools I Use

The Tools I Use



I get asked a lot about the tools I use in doing my projects.  While every blue moon there will be a specialty tool involved, most of the time it’s a very specific handful of tools that I use. These are the tools I recommend because I currently use them in my shop or have used them in the past.


  • I currently use the Festool Kapex
  • I previously used and still recommend the DeWalt DWS 720



  • I currently use the Sawstop PCS
  • I previously used and still recommend the Bosch 4100-09




  • I currently use the Powermatic 15″ planer with the Shelix helical cutter head.  It’s awesome!
  • I previously used the DeWalt DX735, a very good planer if you are on a budget.



  • I currently use the Powermatic PM1500, a VERY nice bandsaw.


  • I currently use the Powermatic PM2800
  • I previously used and still recommend the Jet J-2500




  • I exclusively use the Castle low angle pocket cutter now.  Make the investment and I promise you will see the difference!
  • Model TSM-12 and the Castle 100
  • Prior to seeing the light I made due with the Kreg products




  • I currently use the Festool 1010 for most applications.
  • I have used the Bosch 1617 for years in everything from a router table, a CNC machine, and as a hand router.  I strongly recommend it!
  • I use the Porter Cable 7518 variable speed router in my router table.  It’s a  3 1/4 HP beast!




  • I use the Kreg router table.  It’s ok and gets the job done.  I can’t really justify a more expensive table.
  • A router lift is essential.  I use and recommend the JessEm.




  • I exclusively use the Fuji Mini Mite 4.  This is an awesome spray system.



  • I currently use the Festool RO 125 REQ for most applications.
  • My DeWalt DWE6411 palm sander is handy for some situations.


  • I’m a big fan of the Festool Domino Joiner DF 500
  • The Festool TS 55 track saw is perfect for breaking down sheet goods and other applications.




  • All of the Festool tools hook up to my Festool CT 26.  It is also very good for general cleanup.
  • The large tools utilize my Delta dust collector that was replaced with the one shown below.





  • I almost exclusively use Whiteside bits.  There’s really no better value for the money.  They are a small family owned company in North Carolina with a great story.  They are the best in my opinion.  These are just a few of my “go to” Whiteside bits.


So I hope this helps you get an understanding of the tools I use to do the projects you see in my videos.  I don’t always buy the best but I always buy good stuff.  It’s better in the long run and, simply put, good tools give good results.  There’s a lot of money on this page but you don’t have to buy it all at once.  Get a good miter saw and router and start from there.  Do some projects and reward yourself with a Castle Pocket Cutter.  Then a new router bit.  Then a router table.  Then a table saw.  Then a lift.  It never ends……..