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Freddie (or just Fred)

    Freddie (or just Fred)

    • Redneck DIY

    Freddie is the founder and patriarch of RedneckDIY.  He is a woodworker, welder, CNC operator, builder, teacher, and dreamer.

    “When I began creating content and sharing my efforts, I created the identity of Redneck DIY with the idea that it would capture attention but also be something that folks could relate to in a grassroots way.  Most of us either have to, or simply like to dig in and solve problems, fix things, make things, create, share, learn, and teach.  At the same time, none of use are expert carpenters AND expert woodworkers AND expert welders AND expert plumbers AND expert artists AND so on.  But that does not stop us from wanting to develop these interests and pursue our passions.

    I grew up in a world where if you didn’t (or couldn’t) fix it yourself then it didn’t get fixed!  The greatest gift I got from my Pop and Granddad was how to turn a wrench, saw a board, wire an outlet, hang a sheet of drywall, fix a sink, and many more things.  And most importantly, to be unintimidated to do these things and try new ones.  Eternal gifts!

    The experiences in my life have shaped me into what I am now.  I am an athlete and competitor, a musician, a Marine, an entrepreneur, have a post-graduate college education, and have worn a white collar and a blue collar.  I prefer the blue one!

    I have lived an interesting life, and like you, I hope the best is yet to come.  So join me and the Redneck DIY Nation and come along for the trip.  It’s been a helluva ride so far!”