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Skylinkhome SK-8 Wireless Light Switch

Skylinkhome SK-8 Wireless Light Switch

How many times have you said, “Man, I wish I had a light switch right there.”?  Too late ole bud, the wiring is finished and the drywall is up.  Re-locating that switch is now going to be a MAJOR undertaking.  You can look forward to spending a lot of time, effort, and money tearing out drywall, drilling some holes, pulling new wire, installing a new box, patching and painting.  Not to mention the mess you will make.  Have fun with that!

Well, I recently faced the same dilemma.  When I built the house I was going to use the small room in the shop as a small bath with a corner shower.  The way it was laid out I needed a door that opened to the left so I wired the light switch to the right.  I recently decided that a better use of the room would be to use it as a laundry room.  I was still able to keep the toilet and sink but the shower had to go.  The problem is that a left opening door would interfere with the washer and dryer doors opening and it would be hard for me to maneuver around when loading the machines.  I had no choice but to put a right opening door in.  Now the light switch was behind the door and it was a real pain to get to.  Just a bad layout.  I wanted to move the switch to the other wall.

I was about 10 seconds away from tearing out drywall and just going for it when I paused and thought, “I’m going to see if there is anything out there that might be an easier solution.”  What I found was that you can buy switches that operate wirelessly/remotely.  I didn’t know such things existed.  Very cool.  I found several different products with marginal reviews.  Some reviewers said they did not work if the circuit has other lights or outlets wired in series, others found that using florescent or LED bulbs caused the switch to get hinky, and some reported that they interfered with their garage door opener.  Not sounding too promising.

Then I came upon a product that had good reviews.  It is made by a company call Skylink and the product is call the Skylinkhome SK-8 3-Way On/Off Kit.  I ordered it From Amazon and got it the next  day.  I also ordered its companion product called the Skylink TM-002 Stylish Cover.  It’s basically a cover plate to dress up the remote receiver/switch.