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Knuckle Dragger Pre-Sale Deposit

Knuckle Dragger Pre-Sale Deposit


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Please carefully read the stipulations of this campaign below.

These days no one wants to hold a door handle, grab a shopping bag, touch a light switch, or touch a pin pad.  We are all afraid of getting and spreading germs and viruses.  No one wants to touch or get infected!  My solution is a tool modeled after brass knuckles that will solve all these problems.  It will also be useful during a zombie apocalypse.  I call the tool The Knuckle Dragger.  You can watch the product being built here:


Pre-Sale Goal: 50 units
Cost:  $150
Required deposit: 50%


Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my order will ship?  Approximately four weeks after the pre-sale requirement is met.


Is my deposit refundable?  The deposit is non-refundable.


Why are you doing pre-sales rather than just making it an every day item in your store?  These take so long to build that it really doesn’t make sense to do them one or two at a time.  If I can’t get some economies of scale then it doesn’t really make sense to produce them.


Why does it cost so much?  If you watch the video of how it is made you will probably understand.  This piece is hand made and is very time consuming to build.  It is also very high quality.  It also uses very durable and pleasing materials.  Each unit takes about a day to make and is fairly complicated to do.  I just make it look easy in the video.  :-). In the end, I don’t think it really costs that much when compared to a quality piece of furniture, art, tool, or knife.  Most importantly, the product is not made in China…..


Is it really functional?  Yes, it does what it is supposed to do.  I demonstrate its use in the video.  It is also a very good conversation piece or home/shop accent.


Will the product change from what it looks like now?  If improvements are identified during the pre-sale period then they may be incorporated into the product, however no substantial changes will be made in terms of materials used and overall design.


How long is the pre-sale campaign?  Until the goal is met but no longer than June 1, 2020.


What if you don’t achieve your pre-sale minimum?  If I am close I will make the product.  If I’m not so close then I will refund your deposit.


When will you invoice for the balance due?  Once the pre-sales are met I will invoice for the balance before I order materials to begin production.


Is shipping included in the price?  Yes.


I have a question not addressed here!  Send me an email and we can discuss:

Additional information


Body – Aluminum
Handles – Walnut
Length (Without the pin pad pusher) – Approx 7.5"
Overall Length – Approx 9.5"