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Deer Mount Pedestal Sketchup Model

Deer Mount Pedestal Sketchup Model




YOU MUST HAVE SKETCHUP INSTALLED IN ORDER TO USE THIS MODEL.  You can download the free version of Sketchup here:

This is the as-built deer pedestal mount as seen in my YouTube video.  You can get the critical dimensions by using the tape measure tool in Sketchup.  All of the components are grouped so you can easily hide them in order to see what is behind them.  For example, you can hide the slats and corners to see what is inside the octagon.  I recommend you have some familiarity using Sketchup in order to get the most out of this model.  It is complete and accurate to the build.  It won’t build it for you but it will get you pointed in the right direction.  Thanks for watching!

This in not traditional “plans”.  Rather, it is an accurate 3d model.  You can use the Sketchup tools to obtain measurements and dimensions, orbit the project in 3D, and deconstruct the components.