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Make a Stair Tread Jig

Make a Stair Tread Jig

There’s nothing easy about finishing stairs.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most labor intensive and complicated jobs in finish carpentry.  You’d think that cutting the treads and risers would be pretty straight forward.  Take a quick measurement and cut, right?  Well, if you are lucky enough to have rough framing that is perfectly square that might be the case but, trust me, it won’t be.  You need some kind of jig that will let you take precise measurements that will account for variation and drift in its “squareness” before you take it to the miter saw.

You can buy these simple jigs that let you do that.  The problem is they are very expensive.  I’ve seen some for upwards of 100 bucks.  Why don’t you spend about six bucks in hardware and grab some scrap wood you have laying around and let me show you how to build one yourself for a guaranteed perfect fit every time…


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