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RedneckDIY Nation

The Team

Redneck DIY is not a person, it is a community…

Maybe you are a redneck, maybe you aren’t.  Maybe you are like me and more of a sophisticated redneck.  Whatever category you fall into it will fit nicely into this idea of Redneck DIY.

Redneck DIY is not a person, it is a community.  Do you possess a unique talent or skill?  Perhaps you should join the movement and be part of the team.  Collaboration is the hot sauce that makes it all possible.  My goal is to assemble a syndicate of misfits who collectively can do ANYTHING!

We are curious people, life long learners, and teachers who share our skills and talents with the world.  Sometimes that means you commission us to make your imagination come to life and sometimes that means we show you how to do it yourself.  Anything is possible!

Whether you want us to make something fabulous for you or you just need some advice or a nudge to simply get started then get in touch with us.  And if you’d like to secure your place in the RedneckDIY nation then let us know what makes you special….

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