Build S#@t, Make S#@t


Doing business under the umbrella of RDY Co., the convergence of social media and audience development is exploited to create brands and products that are monetized to earn income.

One of the flagship products developed by RedneckDIY is the Stair Tread Jig.  With thousands sold, this tool is in every state in the US and province in Canada.  In addition to direct sales in the United Kingdom and Europe, the tool in now being distributed in Australia.  Inquiries for international distribution opportunities are always welcome and can be directed to

A unique line of apparel using The Cunning Stunts Co. brand is in development with some pieces available now, and the provocative Shocker Stick – The Ultimate Tablesaw Push Stick, fall under the fun and distinct products developed and sold by RedneckDIY.

In addition to commissioned pieces, other popular products include The Lonesome Dove Sign and The Growth Chart Ruler.

Construction and installation of architectural design elements and signage and the manufacture of industrial storage and transport containers round out the larger projects that fall under RDY Co.

RedneckDIY is always seeking sponsors and the opportunity to represent quality brands.  Successful partnerships are currently in the RedneckDIY portfolio and there’s room for more!

Public speaking, television, and movie inquiries are always of interest and should be directed to