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Craftsman Style Window

Craftsman Style Window

I hate windows and doors that are trimmed out with standard off the shelf clam shell type casing.  It’s cheap to buy and, in my opinion, cheap looking when installed.  I’ve seen some really cool custom millwork jobs in upscale homes.  I like them a lot and certainly appreciate the skill and precision that go into them, but they always seem a bit too ornate for my taste.  I don’t care what your tastes are, everybody loves trim work built in the craftsman style.  This style is detailed without being ornate, appealing to the eye, and gives a finish that you can’t buy off the shelf or achieve by simply layering moulding.  I love the look!

Just because they do not look as luxurious and as an ornately adorned windows in an upscale home does not mean a great deal of skill and precision is lacking.  There’s a lot of craftsmanship in a craftsman style window!  There’s a lot of different ways to finish a window and call it craftsman style, but certain elements exist in them all.  There’s a header, a lip, a stool, and a skirt (those are my terms and definitions, others may refer to these elements as something different).  How each of these elements are built and trimmed may vary.

By layering these elements in an orderly fashion you end up with interesting lines and features that capture the eye and imagination.  You know instantly that much care, work, and passion went into it.  As complicated as it may seem at first glance, I believe about anyone can build this kind of window with the right tools.  To do it you will need a router (preferably with a nice router table), a couple of different sizes of roundover bits, a table saw, a jig saw or band saw, and a miter saw.  Although its not required, I build my frames using pocket holes so you would also need a pocket hole jig to do it my way.  Otherwise you could wood screw or nail yours.

The result will add dimension to any traditional, craftsman, or farmhouse style home.  If you really want to give it shot then watch the video series below.  I believe they will give you the confidence you need to get started.