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CNC Table On A Budget

CNC Table On A Budget

Download the as-built Sketchup file here:  CNC-Table

When I ordered the CNC Router, I wanted to get the most machine that I could afford.  I ended up going with the Cadillac of the CNC Router Parts lineup, the PRO 4896 with V-Con linear motion parts and NEMA 34 motors. It’s a big machine!  One of the areas I had to sacrifice in order to get all this machine was the table.  They sell a pretty nice looking metal table but it’s pretty expensive.  I just did not have the money to buy that too, so I decided to build my own out of wood.  I think it will serve the purpose until I can have one fabricated locally.



One of the things I have read about regards the importance of a stable and stout table that will not move.  Apparently, that can affect the accuracy of your cuts.  I like the design of my table.  It’s heavy, beefy, and it doesn’t seem to move when I shake it or beat on it.  Time will tell.  I can’t take credit for the design.  I came across some project photos on the Kreg Owners Community by a guy named Dennis Megarry.  He built a table for his CNC machine.  I don’t know if he has a CNC Router Parts machine or not.  He never says, but I like the design so I set out to build it.  So thanks Dennis, wherever you are!


Dennis did not provide dimensions or a bill of materials so I laid it out to suit my needs and drew it up in Sketchup.  Cory at CNC Router Parts told me to build it 49″ wide and at least 124″ long.  It’s 34″ tall.  I wanted to build it out of laminated lumber because that stuff is dead straight and stable but I don’t have a source for it here.  Instead I  used the straightest 2X4 premium lumber I could find at Lowes.  All of the joints are connected via glue, pocket screw joinery, and lag bolts.

I wanted to have a way to move and maneuver the table to I bought four trailer jacks and put them on the table so I could raise and lower it to move it around.  I actually works pretty good.  Yeah, that was an expensive addition but if you think of the cost of putting big heavy industrial casters on all of the legs then it’s a comparable cost.  Here’s how it turned out.













Time will tell if I have a good table or not.  I guess I will know after I start making cuts with the machine.  For now I am satisfied.  And whether or not you are going to set a CNC machine on this table, it would make a really great design for a work bench or assembly table.  If you would like have the Sketchup model of the table to get all the important dimensions and layout then click here:   CNC-Table

Here’s the materials required:

2X4X8 – (30)

2X4X12 – (4)

Pocket Screws – (6)   Kreg 2 1/2″ Course thread.  Lowes item number:  71600

Lag Bolts 2 7/8″ – (1)  Lowes item number:  201402

Lag Bolts 4 1/2″ – (1)  Lowes item number:  206145

Decking Screws 2 1/2″ – (2)  Lowes item number:  17365

Trailer Jack – (4)   Northern Tool item number:  148824

Wood Glue – (1)