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Build a Drill Press Table

Build a Drill Press Table


Since buying my Jet 17″ drill press about a year ago I have been wanting to build a table to go on it.  It’s been hard to make the time to dedicate to this project.  Many of my projects involve repetitive drilling of the same thing over and over again.  And now that I am producing a fair number of stair jigs every month, anything I can do to save a few seconds on each piece has become important.

Drill Press Table FrontI wanted a decent sized table/platform to work off of but not something ridiculous in size like some of the drill press tables I have seen in the past.  I want this table to remain mounted most of the time so I wanted a reasonable profile and footprint of my drill press that is not out of control.

Drill Press Table Iso

I took a little bit of time on the front end to draw my concept in Sketchup.  I’ll have a link below where you Drill Press Table Backcan download that file and a materials list.

The overall dimensions of the table is 25.5″ wide X 19″ deep.  I wanted the table surface to be flat, stable, and smooth, so I used 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood.  There are two pieces of this glued up and laminated together to give an overall thickness of 1.5″.  I edge banded it with a 1X2 pine to give it a classy fit and finish.

I used Kreg Mini Track on the bottom surface of the table as a means to mount the table to the drill press and also on the top for channels the fence could ride in.


Drill Press Table Stop




In order to accomplish my needs with this table, I needed it to have a fence that was adjustable and a way of setting up a production stop.  The fence is made from two strips of plywood that are 2.5 inches tall by 24 inches wide.  They are joined together with glue and pocket screws.  The fence also incorporates a section of Kreg Top Track so accessories like the Kreg Production Stop can be used.

I could write a lot more about how to build this table but it might just be easier to show you.  Scroll on down to the bottom of this post and you will find a two part video series on exactly how I went about doing it.  Better yet, visit my YouTube channel and watch all kinds of interesting videos.  There’s also links immediately below to the exact Kreg items I used to build this cool drill press table.  Good luck!