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This is a very handy tool for finishing out stairs.  It allows you to accurately cut stair treads and risers.  Simply lay the device in place in the rough framing and expand it snug.  It will account for any out-of-square condition in the stair stringer.  Tighten the jig down and remove from the rough framing.  Lay the jig on your new tread or riser and scribe your cut line.  Then you can make accurate adjustment of your miter saw to cut the line perfect.  I recommend you cut the line a little heavy and then shave off a little bit if it does not fit perfectly the first time.

This is the fifth evolution in the design of this jig.  It is different than what appears on my YouTube video and previously on this page.  I will no longer be producing those version.  I have taken feedback from my customers and have developed what I believe to be a MUCH superior and more functional product! Although similar to other stair jigs you may have seen, I believe this one is is different and better in many ways.

Some of the improvements include:

  • This jig will measure 29.75” to 44.75” (fits narrower stairs than previous versions)
  • It is stronger and more substantial.
  • The components slide and fit better.
  • It will not sag in the middle when extended all the way because built in stabilizers always move toward the center when expanded.
  • It is made from a virtually indestructible high density plastic material and is not susceptible changes due to moisture.
  • It is easier for me to modify when a customer has special measurement requirements.
  • CNC cut for accuracy and made in the USA by me!  Click here and here for pics of me producing these parts.
  • It is still about $50 cheaper than its nearest competitor!!!

This will work with most typical stair layouts.  If you have special requirements then I can modify the jig to be larger or smaller.  I charge $10-$20 for this to cover additional time, materials, and shipping.  Please send me an email before you order to let me know what you need.

For a video demonstration of me using this device to install my stairs click here.


The cost for this jig is $60.

*** I generally ship all US orders same day via Priority Mail 1-3 Day so you will get your jig pretty quick to most locations.

*** I’m happy to ship to Canada.  Below are the shipping options.  Please send me an email with your shipping preference and I will send you an invoice via Paypal.

* Priority Mail to Canadian destinations is $45 and the US Postal service claims 6-10 days.
* Priority Mail Express to Canadian destinations is $56 and the US Postal service claims 3-5 business days.


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