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Choice Cabinet offers very high quality ready-to-assemble cabinets.  I used them in my carriage house and I have had them installed in about 30 apartments and houses.  I have never had a problem.  The boxes are made from durable 3/4″ birch plywood and the face frames are all quality hardwood.  There’s really no better bang for the buck.

If you are interested in purchasing a set then let me know.  You can send me accurate dimensions of your space and I can draw you up a recommendation.  You can’t buy them directly from the manufacturer but I can sell them to you directly or I can put you in touch with a dealer near you or a sales rep from the distributor.

For more information check out their website.  You will find a complete product catalog available for download here.



Choice Basic Line

The Fawn door is a terrific value in an all wood cabinet when compared to similarly priced particle board constructed cabinets. The appeal of the Fawn door comes from a light warm stain which has been applied to solid maple doors. The doors are traditional overlay with a square raised center panel and rails that are joined together using mortise and tenon construction. The top drawer heads are all slab style which gives them a simple and clean look while the deeper drawers have drawer heads that match the doors. As an extra feature, all doors and drawers come with finger routed pulls which make door knobs and handles optional. The Fawn door style can suit those who are looking for an updated kitchen on a budget and can appeal to those who want a traditional look to even those who want a very clean and transitional feeling kitchen.



Choice Basic Line



Choice Premier Line

The soft transitional styling of the Sonoma door is what provides its wide range of appeal for contemporary, arts and crafts, or shaker tastes. The Sonoma door is constructed of hard maple and has a natural finish. The door has a recessed center panel. Its mortise and tenon doors and drawers, and full overlay construction are what give the Sonoma door style its transitional appeal, as well as the ability to span many different design styles.

Cab_ Vista2


Choice Premier Line

The Vista door is a transitional style for those who prefer a simplistic door with a dark, rich stain. The Vista style will suit those seeking a contemporary to Zen feeling space. The full overlay Vista door is constructed of hard maple with a recessed center panel. The door uses the mortise and tenon construction.



Choice Premier Line

The Tuscan door has a ginger colored finish giving it a warm, relaxed appearance, which is due in part to the antiqued patina of the dark brown glaze. This glaze has been applied over a base stain on hard maple wood to provide a soft, aged look while highlighting the trim details. With its mitered doors and drawer heads, square raised panel, and full overlay construction, the glazed maple Tuscan door is a traditional yet transitional style having a wide range of compatibility with dark or light colored kitchen schemes.



Choice Premier Line

The Cambridge door has an aged look and feel that has been achieved in part by the warm amber stain and brown glaze, which has been applied to hard maple wood. The brown glaze highlights the trim details, while giving the edges a truly custom burnished effect. The Cambridge door is a full overlay, mitered door with a matching drawer head. It has a beautiful, square raised panel which truly lends itself to look like a rich piece of furniture. With the custom feeling details this door offers, the Cambridge door will suit anyone seeking a warm traditional kitchen to those seeking an aged kitchen to even those seeking a rustic feeling kitchen.



Choice Premier Line

The crisp, tailored, full overlay styling of the Hampton door is what makes it cross over so many lines of style. This door style will be the perfect choice for homes ranging from cottage to classic. The Hampton’s mortise and tenon door and drawer are constructed of hard maple and finished in a durable white paint. The door and drawer both have a gentle profile surrounding a recessed center panel. The outer edge also carries a handsome profile to soften the overall look.



Choice Premier Line

You will find that the Kensington door is an identical match to the Renaissance in style. What sets the two apart is a deep, rich, warm walnut stain on hard maple wood. Kensington is the perfect door style for those seeking a true furniture feel to their cabinetry. Kensington and Renaissance complement one another when used together.



Choice Premier Line

The Renaissance door is a square raised panel, mitered, full overlay door with a matching drawer head. It is painted a creamy white with a hand applied caramel glaze, highlighting all of the door details. This style appeals to the classic and French country seeking clientele.

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