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These rulers are custom CNC engraved.  Unlike others available online, these rulers are made from real hardwood of your choice.  No MDF or ole trash board here.

Each ruler will be engraved with a child’s name, quote, family name, or other words of your choice.  Unlike most other makers online, custom engraving is made available AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

The ruler is six feet tall and 7 1/4 inches wide.  If you will tell me how tall your baseboard is then I can make accommodations on the bottom of the ruler so it will sit above your baseboard when you hang it.

Each ruler will have two keyhole slots cut in the back for hanging or you can add your own hanging hardware.

See video below showing how these rulers are made.

Ruler Price Chart

These rulers are sold as DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that you can paint or stain yourself.

Staining/painting and clear coating is available for $40.

If you would like a natural wood finish with clear coat only then add $20.

Shipping is via Priority Mail 1-3 Day.  The cost is between $25-$35, depending on your location.

Turnaround time one these rulers is generally about a week or less, depending on availability of your hardwood selection.

If you would like one of these, please email me at  I will respond to you promptly.

Thank you for taking a look at my stuff!






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