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This is where you will appear when you submit content to this website.  When you do a project, take some pictures and write the project up and send it to me.  When you come upon products that you like then review them and send it to me.  I’ll post it and give you due credit.  Also, please send me a short bio that I can include with your posting.  Some things you might include are your name or alias, a picture of yourself or an avatar, where you are from, your experience as it relates to DIY and home improvement projects, and anything else you would like to include.  I’ll display that information on this page with a link to all of your content.  Thanks!


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Jenny is a decorator with ADD.  She has great ideas and they always turn out great but, like most silly gurls, she does’t stay satisfied for very long.  Jenny works as a capital projects manager where she oversees all aspects of construction and renovations.  She works closely with contractors and decorators alike.  In that role, she is very wise and frugal with other people’s money, but when you turn her loose in her own house it’s nothing for her to buy three or four gallons of different paint just because she did not like the previous color enough!  But in the end it always turns out great.  She was also the first contributor to this website with her article about “Grandma’s Old Dresser”.  We hope she has many more articles to come because she is a great writer and has good ideas to share!

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