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FeddieI am competing for the title of “Most Interesting Man in the World”.  There are many o’ paradox in any honest description of me.  I am a CEO, a guitar player and drummer, a former Marine and Persian Gulf War veteran, an unlikely carpenter, a welder, a cusser, a tobacco chewer, and have trailer park redneck in my veins!

I love a sense of accomplishment.  I like to make things that last and have an impact.  There’s nothing that gives more satisfaction than building things or doing meaningful projects on your own.  To me building your own house is top of the food chain stuff as far as bragging rights, second only to surviving a friggin plane crash in the Andes Mountains.  In May 2010, I started building a small carriage house on some acreage I bought at a land auction a few years ago.  It’s been a great experience.  It has kept me focused and out of places I should not go.  I have learned a lot!

I had a little bit of help along the way.  Bill H., Allen, and Earl, all experienced carpenters, helped me get it framed.  I hired someone to do the siding.  I had some help with the septic system from Landon.  I guess about everything else you see I did.  I did the electrical, plumbing, insulation, hardwood floors, tile, stairs, trim, painting, and I guess about everything else.  I had no help to speak of on any of this.  That’s why it took over three years to finish.  Like Dizzy Dean once said, “it ain’t braggin’ if you can really do it”.

Everything involved in finishing the house were things I had done somewhere along the way on my own, but on a much smaller scale. My Dad taught me about tools and how to use them.  My Granddad taught me a lot of things about electrical, plumbing, and drywall.  I had helped friends with different stuff here and there.  I was no expert but far from a novice.  I had enough confidence to get in over my head and know that it was up to me to figure it out.  Some of us kind of thrive in that scary place when it’s up to ourselves.  I’m a solitary guy.  I don’t much like having a lot of people around.  I’d rather take a pencil to the eye than ask for help.  I was right at home on this project!

Often times I would find myself having to research how to do this or that.  What I found was a lot of incomplete or just plain bad advice on the Web, YouTube, and from folks I would talk to.  I decided to start making videos of the projects I was working on.  What separates my videos from others on the Web is that I will absolutely wear you out with the details.  My videos are long.  Many are upwards of 45 minutes over three or four episodes.  But what I can guarantee is that if you really want to learn how to do something then you will if you will suffer through every minute of it.  I try to leave nothing out.  I also try to keep it entertaining.

I know folks are watching and learning because in the course of a year I have over 150,000 views and over 1000 subscribers.  I realize that’s small potatoes in the world of YouTube but it kind of blows me away!  When folks go to my YouTube channel, BlazingNailgun, more than getting a step by step guide, I want them to walk away with some of their own ideas of how to tailor what I have demonstrated to their specific project.

This website is the next evolution in my effort to give folks ideas and inspiration.  I don’t know a lot about making websites and blogging, but I want to give it a try.  I know, there are a gazillion home improvement/DIY blogs on the net.  Most of what I found are lacking in “meat and potatoes”.  Most of them seem to be written by these milfy little soccer moms and their metro-sexual husbands who do a few projects, but when the going gets tough, they hire out the electrician or the plumber or the stone mason.  That’s not really DIY in my book.  On this website you will never see any articles about how to turn a pumpkin into a candy dish or a sewing machine into a bidet.  What I hope you will find is the hard stuff, the cool stuff, the smash your thumb stuff!

Finally, I can’t do this myself.  I don’t have the time, energy, or enough pending projects to keep it going.  I want to invite my viewers and readers to submit articles, videos, plans, and advice so I can post it.  We all have something to offer so I beg you, please send me stuff!

Thanks for watching and reading!


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