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Simple Wainscot

Learn how to build simple but elegant wainscot

Liftmaster 8500

Install a garage door opener the easy way

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

Big bang for the buck on cabinets

Storm Door

Install a great looking storm door on your own

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Latest Projects

Fireplace Surround

  ... read more

Fine Woodworking Miter Saw Station

  ... read more

Build a Drill Press Table

  ... read more

CNC Router Table (or a really bad ass workbench)

  ... read more

CNC Sellout???

I made the plunge.  I ordered a CNC router.  It’s not here yet so I’ll keep you updated.  I’ve looked at these things for years.  Back in 2006 when they first hit my radar I wanted one to play with.  A ... read more

I hope you find something on this website that helps you with your own projects and helps you develop your own ideas!

When you develop something cool or create a technique of doing something then please share it with me.  I’m interested in knowing how your projects turn out.  Better yet, take some pics and do a write-up and send it to me.  I’ll post it for the world to see and make you famous!

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